Improving Employee Retention

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Improving Employee Retention

Are you a busy business owner who can’t remember the last time you took a vacation? Perhaps, you’re struggling with employee retention at your company. You might feel like you need to hire someone new almost every week. If you desperately desire to keep workers long-term, hiring a business consultant is a great idea. This professional can help you figure out why employees don’t stay at your company long. A business consultant can also offer suggestions for improvement. For example, you might need to update your heating and air conditioning system. Or, you may need to provide new hires with more desirable benefits packages. On this blog, I hope you will discover ingenious tips to help you keep the workers you hire for many years to come.



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Ways To Interact With Others To Boost Your Own Happiness

Reading about boosting your happiness can quickly help you to be a happier person, but you'll need to also implement the changes that your books suggest. One thing that you may learn in the pages of a book on finding happiness is how positive interactions with those around you can help you to feel better. This is a classic example of a win-win situation. You're not only making yourself happier, but you're also brightening the day of those you encounter. Here are some suggestions the book may have on interacting with others.


Volunteering allows you to have positive interactions with others, which will benefit both of you. There are countless different ways that you can volunteer, so it should be easy for you to find something that resonates with you. This could be helping senior citizens in your community by delivering meals, helping premature infants by knitting clothing, or helping youths by coaching in a sports league.  While your focus might be on the people you're helping most of the time, you'll also quickly notice how you feel happier as a result of these volunteering opportunities.

Be Friendly To Strangers

At a time at when strangers on the street often stay glued to the screens of their smartphones, going out of your way to be friendly to strangers may seem a bit odd. However, if you stick with it, you'll quickly feel an elevated sense of happiness. Being friendly to strangers doesn't have to be difficult. It can include holding doors open for people, saying hello when you sit down next to someone on the subway, or exchanging pleasantries with strangers in an elevator. Your cheery demeanor may also help to brighten their day, which could compel them to act more friendly to those they meet, too.

Make An Effort To Know People

It's also true that making an effort to better know those around you can help to make you happier. When you get to know people on a deeper level, you'll often feel more connected and this can definitely lead to higher feelings of happiness. For example, if you see the same doorman each morning when you leave your apartment, get to know his name and consider making small talk for a moment. Perhaps you'll learn that you follow the same sports team, and you can briefly discuss whether the team won or lost when you encounter him each time.